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In primary and secondary schools, topics such as climate change, water and health protection and environmental safety are highly discussed. However, children do not have the space to apply their knowledge in practice. Schools do not have facilities where practical learning can take place.


Therefore, in 2012, the idea of a new concept for educating pupils on the above-mentioned environmental issues was conceived.  

The idea was translated into a project called Blue School, which aimed to ensure that a project to retain rainwater from school buildings was implemented on the school premises in every district in Slovakia. Together with this, water protection and restoration elements were introduced into the education system.


One of the many projects was implemented at the Primary School in Šarišské Bohdanovce.

A rainwater harvesting and recycling system has been set up on the campus. The project also included the construction of rest areas for comfortable education. A curriculum has been included to expose pupils to rainwater harvesting, conservation as well as other environmental topics.


Thanks to the implemented rainwater harvesting system, the pupils of the primary school have the opportunity to observe directly on the premises what they would otherwise only learn about in theoretical terms.

Projects of Blue Schools

Blue Schools projects have become part of the inspiration for innovative solutions to the problem of educating and encouraging the younger generation to take an active approach to water protection and use.

Students have no problem answering questions after the project has been introduced:


What water retention contributes


How to protect and restore water resources


Why do we need to do this and what are the climate impacts

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