Urban Cooling

Service description

Effective rainwater management can eliminate the so-called heat islands of suburban zones, thereby cooling the urban environment. We will propose measures that will reduce the temperature in residential zones, improve the city’s blue-green infrastructure, and reduce the costs of sewage and rainwater drainage.


You will get

  • Analysis of the urban area, thermal and climatic conditions, impacts and extent of development, and water potential of the area
  • Proposal of recommended measures by quantification of temperature reduction and other climate benefits (e.g. elimination of carbon footprint, i.e. increase of CO2 absorption of the given territory)


  • Description of the proposed measures (e.g. design of a rain garden for a local school, water conservation measures for the use of rainwater to improve the quality of fauna and flora, runoff and use of rainwater along roads… )

  • Consultations during implementation

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