Flood and Drought Prevention

Service description

The analysis of the current state of the territory of Ashkoda caused by extreme weather (drought, local floods from rainfall, floods of small streams…) will help us in identifying problem areas, i.e. areas contributing to flood risks and local droughts. Based on these documents, we will develop a plan of measures to reduce the risk of floods, prevent damage, and mitigate the flood wave, but also capture and use precipitation to increase the humidity of the environment and eliminate dry areas in the long term.


You will get

  • Analysis of the territory, its character, water potential, dry areas and calculation of rainwater runoff 

  • Rainwater management plan according to the nature of the territory (forests, arable land, roads, buildings…)
  • Proposal of measures by list

  • Prediction of the effectiveness of measures from a long-term perspective, including economic return, quantification of economic, ecological and climate benefits

  • If necessary, also draft legislative measures (DLM), recommended list of implementers of consultation measures during procurement as well as supervision of implementation

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