Water Holistic


rainwater is a gift


Higher quality of environment in urban zone

We help cities to create complex plan for rainwater retention measures with cost calculation and specification of benefits which these measures brings.

Extreme weather prevention plan

Sometimes water not only drains uselessly but also causes material damage. We will help you prepare a recovery plan which will help you to protect yourself from the extremes of the weather.

Restoration programs for goverments

We offer experiences in creation and management of restoration programs on commune and government level.

You can improve environment and save costs

Use of rainwater in urban areas

Do you want to know how much water disapear from your city yearly without usage as a trash? What if you don’t pay for getting rid of it but use it to improve your environment? We help you to prepare complex plan of restoration and calculate return of investments.

Raingardens near to schools

Forest revitalisation

More wood or new water sources in your forests?

Forests revitalisation

How will investments in water retention measures be reflected in wood production or even in the creation of water resources in your forests? Will the funds invested in water retention measures help with forest revitalization?