Creation and Restoration of Water Resources

Analyzing the area, its nature and rainfall volume, we will prepare a detailed plan on how to use rainwater efficiently, reduce extreme runoff from the landscape, retain it for environmental improvement and restoration of water resources and their abundance.

Floods and Drought Prevention

We will develop a plan of action to reduce flood risk, prevent damage, mitigate flood surge, as well as capture and use rainfall to increase environmental humidity and eliminate dry areas in the long term.

Urban Cooling

We will propose measures that will reduce the temperature in residential zones, improve the city’s blue-green infrastructure, and at the same time reduce the cost of sewage or rainwater drainage.

Restoration of Damaged Landscape

After analysing the state of the damaged landscape, we will identify the causes, define the damage and propose an action plan for its revitalisation.

Biodiversity Support

We will identify disturbing impacts through in-depth analysis of the area and propose a plan of measures to restore the quality of the environment.

Soil Improvement

Based on the analysis of the condition of the soil, forest and the surrounding landscape, we will create a plan of measures to improve the quality of the soil, increase the fertility of the fields, and increase the yield from timber harvesting.

01 Analysis

Before the start of the implementation, we will process the data about the territory, which include, for example:

Type of land use, climatic conditions, presence of watercourses, range of rainfall.

If it is necessary, we also carry out a detailed inspection of the terrain.

02 Proposal for Action

We will prepare a detailed proposal containing detailed site documentation and cost estimates.

03 Quantifying Benefits

We will quantify the specific effects that the measures will bring and over what time period.

04 Oversight of Implementation

After selecting a contractor for implementation, we help with the implementation of the measures. We adapt the measures according to the current state of the territory. We provide supervision of implementation.

Complementary services


Consultancy Activities

We offer consultations before starting our services as well as during their implementation



Education About the New Water Paradigm

We offer education about the New Water Paradigm for schools, teachers, ecologists or civic associations


Soil Productivity and Timber Yield Predictions

Based on our analyses, we help optimise agricultural and forestry activities


Lectures for the Public, Schools, Businesses and City Councils

We organize lectures on rainwater harvesting and solutions for community food, environmental and climate security


Designing Bio-climatic Parks and Rain Gardens

We create designs for bio-climatic parks and large rain gardens to increase soil retention capacity

Why we do this?

Committed to a healthy environment

We understand how important it is to live in a clean and healthy environment

Vision of a better future

We believe that our activities have a direct impact on the quality of life of future generations

Active responsibility

We understand that climate change and its impacts are real and actual

Passion for green life

Our motivation is deeply rooted in the belief that a harmonious relationship with nature is the key to sustainability

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