Creation and Restoration of Water Resources

Service description

Based on the analysis of the territory, its nature, and the amount of precipitation, we will prepare a detailed plan for you to use rainwater effectively, reduce extreme outflows from the country, and maintain it for the improvement of the environment and restoration of water resources and yield.


You will get

  • A detailed analysis of the territory, its character, volume of precipitation, runoff and evaporation

  • Quantification and localization of effective water retention measures according to the type of territory

  • Description of proposed measures of natural materials and cost estimate

  • If necessary, draft legislative measures (e.g. general binding regulations for municipalities) and their incorporation into the spatial plan of the city/municipality

  • Quantification of ecological and climate benefits

  • Recommended list of implementers, consultations in the implementation of public procurements, tenders and supervision of the implementation process, in cooperation with selected suppliers

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