Flood flattening solutions
21. February 2023
Michal Kravčík

We know where problems begins

Flood prevention measures are often focused on dealing with consequences and not approaching reason of the problem. To protect people and property against flood we have to identify where root cause of the flood begins. People tend to solve problems where we can see them causing damages. We have different approach. We look around and identify where flood begins. We calculate how water retention measurements in broader area can flatten the flood wave or completely eliminate it.

separated problem looks innocent

We offered help

When we saw massive wildfires we offered help. We contacted Slovak government to establish expert group which will be sharing experiences from massive wildfires we had decades ago.

In monoculture forests like these which burned around Athens it is necessary to help nature to revitalise. It is dangerous to let the land revitalise on its own. Heavy rainfalls can cause massive landslides and jeopardise people and properties even more. 





Our Mission & Approach

We proposed plan for burned area in Attica region. We choose area of 23+ ha as prototype area. First it was necessary to scan the area and analyse how much water can be retained here. On area of 1 ha we showed various techniques from experiences in Slovakia. Water retention measures for more than 300 cubic meters were done by 5 people in 2,5 days.

Our Ambassador of Slovakia to Greece Iveta Hricová, helped to organised the presentation where Michal Kravčík shared experiences from Slovakia. 

Intermediate Results

During the visit of state secretary Martin Kováč in Greece area was visited by Slovak delegation. We can see that measurements are working and heavy rainfalls are held in our measurements are retaining water and letting it to absorb slowly.