Cookie policy

What are Cookies?

Cookies are small text files that may be placed in your browser when you visit a website and then read if you visit the site again. Such information stored in cookies may be about you, your device, or preferences, and they usually do not identify you directly. Some cookies are necessary so a website or a particular service can work properly and have an appropriate level of security. Some might be used for other purposes, e.g., for website personalization, analysis of website traffic or for advertising of products or services online. We categorized all cookies We use based on their purpose, as detailed in the Categories of cookies We use section. In the Cookies used by this website section, we list individual cookies used by this website and provide more specific information on them, including what they are used for and their expiry.


Types of Cookies

In the following sections, we distinguish between “first-party cookies” or cookies that are set by Water Holistic and “third-party cookies” that are set by Water Holistic´s partners. Our partners are third parties who provide us with certain services for our website, usually analytical or marketing services. Moreover, we also distinguish between “session” cookies that are stored only for the duration of your browser session on our website and “persistent” cookies, that are stored for a longer time period as indicated below and therefore can be read even if you decide to visit our website again. The settings of third-party cookies are under the control of third parties.


Categories of the Cookies We Use

Essential Cookies:

These first-party cookies are necessary for the functioning and security of our website and the services you require. They are usually set in response to your actions to enable the use of certain functionality, such as remembering your cookie preferences, logging in or holding items in your cart. You cannot opt-out of these cookies. If you choose to block them via your browser, it may affect site functionality.


Basic Analytical Cookies:

These first-party cookies enable us to measure the number of visitors/users on our website. We share some non-sensitive data collected (such as country, browser and device type, IP address with three last digits being anonymized and user’s cookie ID unique for respective website) with our trusted partners to create aggregated usage and performance statistics. We use these cookies to get the basic insight into our website traffic and our campaign performance. As only low-level analytics can be performed by using those cookies, and as they shall not allow cross-site tracking or profiling of our website visitors, they would be set to your browser by default unless you choose to opt-out. In case you opt-out, we will only have a limited possibility to monitor our website or campaign performance.


Advanced Analytical Cookies:

These first and third-party cookies help us to get insight into how you interact with our website and each particular service by enriching our datasets with data from third-party tools. We use them to improve our website, services, and user experience, locate and solve bugs or other problems with them, and evaluate our campaigns’ effectiveness. These cookies would be only stored in your browser if you grant us your opt-in consent. If you choose not to grant consent for analytical cookies, we will only have a limited possibility to monitor our sites or campaign performance.


Marketing Cookies:

These third-party cookies allow our marketing partners to track your activities on our website, for example, when you download or buy our product. Those data are then combined with other data about you to build a profile relating to your interests and to show you more relevant targeted ads on other websites. Marketing cookies would be only stored in your browser if you grant us your opt-in consent. If you choose not to grant your consent, online advertising displayed to you will be less targeted to your needs or preferences.


Managing the cookies on your device

You are informed about the collection of analytical cookies as soon as you arrive on the website, where you confirm that you are aware of the terms of the Cookie Policy and Privacy Policy. You can delete or view those cookies manually via your browser settings.


Changes to our cookie policy

We will change this Cookie Policy from time to time to reflect changes to our website, services provided or our practices. When we implement such changes, we will revise the “Last Updated” date on the top of this Cookie Policy. Notwithstanding the foregoing, the details stated in the Cookies Used by this Website may change at any time. Therefore, they are valid explicitly to the Effective date of this Cookie Policy.