Rain bombs are born when a person dries up large areas. It is mainly an agricultural and urbanized country.
In the dried land, an enormous amount of sensible heat is produced. With the cooler, predominantly mountainous environment, accumulates vast quantities of water in the vertical clouds of the atmosphere, and then triggers rain at the dew point.
You can protect yourself from rain bombs only by irrigating the dry land, so that less sensible heat is produced into the atmosphere.
This message written in the New Water Paradigm (www.vodnaparadigma.sk) was also delivered to Pope Francis in Italian during his visit to Slovakia last year.
Michal Kravčík will have to ask the Pope if this message has reached him. Also because the current rain bomb hit the region near Rome…

People of Italy can not wait decades to lower the CO2 levels are stabilised as climate scientists suggest. People aroud Italy, Europe and world need to act quickly otherwise we will be wiped out by extremes of weathers. 

There is a lot to do if we want to avoid similar situations in the feature. We can also say that these weather extremes will occur more and more frequently. Let’s prepare on them. Use our decades of experiences in analysing the area, preparing plans and implementing measures for reasonable amount of money. 

Analyse affected area

First of all we need to understand the area. What happened to it and what are the possiblitites which can hit the region from historical data. We can prepare plan how to adopt on them and calculate cost and benefits of water retention meassures. 

Retain every single drop from the top

After calculations are made you need to act quickly and retain water from the top of the watershed. Sometimes solutions are simple and excavator can do the job very quickly even in difficult terrain.

Stabilise erosion gullies

Rainfalls comming to the burned area will cause deeper and deeeper erosion gullies. Slopes will become unstable. Professional forestry engineers can build quickly structures from local material which will stabilise slopes and prevent erosion